Located in Lower Price Hill, BLOC Screen Print produces screen printed products to order for its customers. Our current focus is screen printing on garments, primarily tee shirts; for schools, businesses and churches. Our suppliers include Freeset USA, who provide organic, fair trade products produced in India by women escaping exploitation.


Join us in welcoming Anthony to the Bloc Screen Print Team!

Here’s a glance at our Screen Print Team:

Philip is the spark that helps us look forward to the next day.  A 19 yr old who has a very good work ethic. (Kudos to Mom & Dad!) He gets so excited to print shirts and show off his skills!  He takes personal pride in each shirt that he produces.  He believes it reflects the talent that God has given him to show others to the Kingdom of God.  He’s so eager to learn something new each day.  He’s taking a class in college called Graphic Imaging Technology (GIT) to help his journey in printing.

Jeff has been with the BLOC screen printing Team once before, learning the trade to further his career.  He actually just took a job with Cincinnati State, and now he can get his own apartment. Yet another success story!  Keep up the good work Jeff!  We’re proud of you!

We’re partnering with St Vincent DePaul to bring candidates to our program to help them learn the trade of screen printing.  It’s such an honor to be part of giving a “hand-up” to these new friends so that they can learn a skill and support themselves and their family.  The one on one relationship with each of our trainees is what sets BLOC apart.  We grow together to help rebuild the Lower Price Hill community.

Working in Lower Price Hill brings us closer to the mission we are called to navigate as we shine the Light of Jesus Christ in the neighborhood. BLOC Screen Print’s Christ-centered Ministry is a community effort that lifts up people from the neighborhood by allowing them to learn a trade and take those skills and reenter the workforce.

BLOC Screen Print is a part of the larger mission of BLOC Ministries to change lives one to one. To learn more about BLOC Ministries go to

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