Located in Lower Price Hill, BLOC Screen Print produces screen printed products to order for its customers. Our current focus is screen printing on garments, primarily tee shirts; for schools, businesses and churches. Our suppliers include Freeset USA, who provide organic, fair trade products produced in India by women escaping exploitation.

Join us in welcoming Quentin, Jonathan and Eldred to the Bloc Screen Print Team!

Here’s a glance at our Screen Print Team:

Quentin is our most experienced printer now. He’s lives in Lower Price Hill and takes a lot of pride in his Community and trying his best to make it better by reaching out to neighbors and getting them involved also. He has a teacher’s heart and loves to spend time with his newer Teammates to show them the ropes of screen printing.

Jonathan has been with us since June 1st and so much appreciates the opportunity that has with this job to better his situation and possibly move onto a full time job either in the printing field or another opportunity that may arise. Jon also lives in the neighborhood and just walked in last year looking for a job and his patience paid off almost 8 mos later and he’s been able to make enough money to get his car insurance and get a car!

Eldred is our newest Team member. He’s had a major life change in the last 14 mos. He realized that he made a lot of bad choices over the years (he’s 60!) He spent many years behind bars and was “unemployable” for a long time and pretty much gave up and continued down the road of bad choices. But since he chose to be a devoted believer in Jesus Christ and His will 1st in his life, it’s been a LIFE CHANGER!! Praise God!

BLOC Screen Print is a part of the larger mission of BLOC Ministries to change lives one to one. To learn more about BLOC Ministries go to

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